Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sony enters into an agreement with the PlayStation 3 hacker

The Japanese electronics group Sony has announced Monday, April 11, he had reached an agreement with a young American, who agreed not to work to break the security systems of the game console PlayStation 3. "It was never my intention to pose problems for users or facilitating piracy," he assured George Hotz, aka GeoHot of an American 23 years residing in New Jersey, in a statement Sony ComputerEntertainment America (SCEA).

Sony had filed suit earlier this year against Mr. Hotz, accused of putting information online to circumvent the security system of the PS3 and play pirated games. "We want our consumers can benefit from our aircraft and our products in a safe and fun, and we want to protect the work of engineers, artists, musicians and talented game designers who create games for the PlayStation and support the PlayStation network, "explained an official of the General Counsel, Riley Russell.

"Sony is pleased to turn the page of this dispute." ANONYMOUS ATTACK HELD ITS COMPUTER Mr. Hotz has also assured to have no link with the group Anonymous Internet activists who had called for retaliation against Sony because of the charges against Mr. Hotz and another computer, Germany, Alexander Egorenkov .

To protest against the proceedings against these two people, the Anonymous group launched in early April, an operation code-named "# opsony" to saturate the sites of the Japanese group. A few days later, the group of "hacktivists" announced it was suspending attacks against sites for Sony, and "other ways to attract the attention of Sony.

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