Friday, April 15, 2011

YouTube will make an examination at the surfer who upload videos protected

YouTube, Google Video portal, binding to the surfer who uploaded videos go to their protected online school where, after viewing a video on the topic, you must respond to a questionnaire about copyright and what kind of works can be hung in the portal. If you pass the exam will be able to upload videos again.

The animated video gives a simple explanation on what videos can not get on YouTube and the consequences of doing so. In English, offers subtitled versions in several languages. After watching the video, the surfer must respond to a questionnaire that you must select a response of several that are presented in each question.

The questionnaire asks questions such as: "Below is a possible example of original content: Video content extracted from a DVD, music downloaded from another website, music taken from your own CD collection, video created with your own camcorder or camera. " The response is evaluated as correct or incorrect.

In another, they offer a number of alternatives for the surfer to choose which content is inappropriate (videos of your cat, your dog, family and friends or a TV show). The questionnaire is not active until the internet does not have viewing the educational video. If the surfer pass the exam may re-upload videos to YouTube.

The company has also introduced changes in its policy to terminate accounts of users who repeatedly violate copyright laws, which until now were closed after accumulating three notices of illegal behavior. "We found that in some cases this general rule does not always lead to the correct result," he said on the web at the same time explaining that this system does not prescribe any penalties, something that was unfair to users after an erratic start been corrected their conduct and were subsequently reported no reason.

"Today we begin to delete the records of violations of accounts in certain circumstances after successful completion 'YouTube Copyright School' and try a long-term path of good behavior. The expiration of the notifications is not guaranteed."

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