Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Ex-Google CEO admits having missed the turn of the "Social Web"

Eric Schmidt did his mea culpa, Tuesday, May 31 Executive Chairman and former CEO of Google said that it was because of him that the Internet group had neglected turning social networks four years ago, allowing Facebook to be the undisputed leader in the category. "I planted," he told Mr. Schmidt, who was speaking at the opening of the conference on high technology D9, organized by the news website All Things Digital in Rancho Palos Verdes, California.

Referring to the evolution of the Internet "social", symbolized by Facebook, Mr. Schmidt said: "Three years ago, I wrote memos, speaking generally, but I did nothing of these memos. "Obviously I knew I had to do something, and I have not done," said Schmidt. "I think I was busy", he advanced as an apology, while repeating that the responsibility rested with him.

He revealed that he had "tried very hard" to conclude a partnership with Facebook, but "Microsoft was able to offer terms that we could not offer." Microsoft acquired in 2007 for $ 240 million (166 million euros), a 1.6% share in Facebook, and since both groups have developed several operational partnerships.

"GANG OF FOUR" This admission of personal failure is all the more striking because Mr. Facebook Schmidt cited among the "gang of four", which he says dominates the high-tech distributor with Amazon, the manufacturer Apple and Google. A quadroon whose value exceeds $ 500 billion (346.6 billion euros), he said.

"In our industry, we have never had four growing companies across these four in all, I want to talk about growth in customer cash flow, in penetration, partnerships, tools developers etc.. "Schmidt said. For Schmidt, this "gang" pourraits'ouvrir two other brands, PayPal, and Twitter, but not to former industry leaders IBM and Microsoft "in the minds of consumers, Microsoft does not conduct public developments" , "he said.

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