Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Twitter launches a button "Forward"

Micromessagerie site Twitter has launched Tuesday, May 31, a new integrated Web sites, the equivalent of button like "Facebook. Several news sites, including The Wall Street Journal, the daily El Pais, or Vanity Fair, and Twitter accounts of singers like Jennifer Lopez or Lady Gaga, participate in the launch.

This button, similar to the button "like" ("love") on Facebook pages, allows the user to subscribe in one click at a Twitter account, but it is redirected to the platform micromessagerie. It also has direct access to a presentation of profiles and the latest tweets sites that have built this module.

It is thus a way for those who have this button, increase the number of "followers" ( "followers") on Twitter. micromessagerie The site may also hoped in this way, increase its audience, and try to compete with Facebook. According to the firm eMarketer, approximately 20.6 million adult Internet users have used Twitter at least once per month this year in the United States, against 132.5 million for the social networking site Facebook.

In total, Twitter, launched five years ago, has more than 200 million subscribers. STRATEGIC ACQUISITIONS During the launch of this new button , Twitter has also announced the acquisition of a company that specializes in online advertising, AdGrok, which could enable it to increase its revenue.

AdGrok, implanted as Twitter in the San Francisco area, aims to make it easier for advertisers to use the Google AdWords advertising campaign management and advertising on the search engine. This acquisition, not encrypted, it announced the second in a week via Twitter. The group has formalized the purchase of Tweetdeck, who designed a program for managing accounts very popular.

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