Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Steve Jobs presenting the new operating systems

Apple has released some content of the event taking place next Monday in San Francisco during his Worldwide Developers Conference which is held every year. Steve Jobs will be the master of ceremonies to show what they define as the next generation of operating systems. Although not common, this will be the third public appearance of Apple's CEO since its last low, taken on 17 January.

The first was in the presentation of the iPad 2, the next with Barack Obama during his visit to Silicon Valley. Jobs have pancreatic cancer since 2004. Lion is the eighth version of Mac OS X operating system computers. Little is known of it except a change in the desktop and how to organize the programs.

Henceforth will look much closer to the tablets, especially in the way of showing what is open. iOS 5 will be extending the program that manages iPhones and iPods Touch iPads. These devices are increasingly used at work, premiered today, before the conference, a set of programs designed to create text documents, spreadsheets and presentations into a single package.
Finally, icloud, the supply of services in the Apple tag is designed to replace and expand the current MobileME, linking email, photo storage, networking and security measures in case of loss of the device.
The event will include music icloud confirm online to compete with services like Spotify.

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