Wednesday, April 13, 2011

LG begins selling the first mobile dual-kernel

Once parked in the megapixel war, war of the phones is focused on the processor. Sensation HTC yesterday launched its high-end terminal, a dual-core Qualcomm processor to 1.2 gigahertz. LG did the same during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Your phone LG has Optimus 2X processor manufacturer NVIDIA Tegra 2 at a rate slightly lower, 1 gigahertz.

The battery, one of the key aspects when choosing a phone, does not have 4-inch screen as the best ally, but with the processor. Oscar Rodriguez, director of LG phone, explains the operation: "The logic is that if the processor gives results faster, with less screen time on, hoping to run an application or more at a time, an increasing use more common.

" The phone is fairly light (139gr) for the equipment it has, has a rejuvenated design curves and noted for its multimedia capabilities. Dual Camera: Front of a megapixel for videoconferencing and rear eight-megapixel with flash and video recording at 1080 pixels. The multimedia display comes complete with HDMI output (cable included in box) to connect the phone calls on the TV and share its content.

Storage capacity also beats the competition. Eight gigabytes internal, double the HTC Sensation, and slot of expansion through MicroSD card. Both LG and spokesman Ignacio Román, director of terminals at Vodafone, tried to justify the decision not to include the latest version of Android.

Optimus 2X may be upgraded to 2.3, but the one that is sold, it takes the OS 2.2.

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