Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Phone Windows 7 will have an update for 2011 major

MIX11, a gathering of developers taking place in Las Vegas, served for Sunday, by surprise, Microsoft is making an initial version of Internet Explorer 10, weeks after the release of version 9. On the second day of the meeting the company run by Steve Ballmer unveiled the improvements over Windows Phone 2011 will be 7, the platform called to compete with iPhone and Android.

Early reviews were to dispense with something that was not the original iPhone, something as simple as copying and pasting. In March it was resolved. The next developments, which will be added throughout the year, are better management of processes, to distinguish between file transfer and exchange between them and other programs, integration of applications into the operating system to give even more life to Tiles of live, interactive icons on the desktop of the phone.

With the intention to enhance the multimedia capabilities of these phones Microsoft has published documents that help developers build applications that relate the camera with the GPS. They hope to encourage and augmented reality programs. Skype, Spotify, Layar, Qantas and Amazon Shopping will be the first to take advantage of these options.

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