Thursday, August 25, 2011

3 smartphones from Samsung banned in Europe

Three models of smartphones from Samsung of South Korea will be prohibited from sale in several European countries from mid-October, was ordered Wednesday, Aug. 24, the tribunal in The Hague. "The smart phones from Samsung can not be sold, and this applies to models Samsung S, S II Samsung and Samsung Ace," he told Agence France-Presse Saskia Pancho, a spokesman for the tribunal.

June 27, the American Apple asked the court for interim relief to prohibit the sale of three models of smartphones and three models of Samsung digital shelves due to a violation of its patents. "The court found that there was much offense for the phones, but not for the tablets, which may be sold," added Ms Pancho.

The patents relate to offenses including how to fairedéfiler images or "unlock" mobile phones, according to the court. "Patents are generally valid for several countries, which means that the prohibition applies to all countries where the patents are valid, "said another spokesman for the tribunal.
A trial on the merits of the case is not expected before 2012, while referrals for other phone models from Samsung to be considered by the tribunal in The Hague in the month of September. The ban on Wednesday is a episode in the struggle between the rivals Apple and Samsung. Both groups, which market including smartphones and iPhone S Galaxy, filed a complaint against each other in several countries since April, are accusing each other of copying and infringing patents.

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