Thursday, August 4, 2011

Google + is record, growth of 25 million users in June

 - Larry Page and Sergey Brin, smile, and rightly so. The omnipresent Google, the two founded in 1996, collects another record: its social network, which appeared June 28, it reached 25 million users, becoming the fastest-growing site in the history of the World Wide Web According to ComScore, and marketing research firm that specializes in Internet traffic, Google + is able to beat all its competitors.

Facebook has taken three years to get the same result, half past two Twitter, MySpace, less than 24 months. He already, the data usually are not official, more than six million users in the United States, 3.6 in India, Canada and Great Britain at around one million, slightly less in Germany and Brazil, while in France and Taiwan seems to have picked up respectively half a million people.

The key to such a rapid ascent is the integration with mail service, Gmail, launched six years ago. Asked directly, Google has only mentioned that now has to "hundreds of millions of users and growing annually at a rate of 50 percent." In fact it seems to have over 200 million users of e-mail to Page and Brin.

That would give Google +, which is still in experimental stage and which can be accessed by invitation, a wide margin for growth. The problem, as someone pointed out, is not so much the number of people. Rather, the amount of time people spend on Google +. Especially compared to rival Facebook, which with 750 million users continues to be the reference point.

50 percent of the regulars of the latter control their social network profile each day, while just under one billion shared content every day between links, comments, photos, news. Even Google + shared content would be about a billion a day, the official figure, and a user base a lot lower.

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