Monday, August 29, 2011

Google TV will be launched in Europe early 2012

Google will launch its TV service connected to the Internet early next year in Europe, announced on Friday, August 26, its chairman Eric Schmidt. The Google TV, which allows both to view television programs and surf the Web on a television screen with a housing, was launched in the U.S. in October, where he was quickly blocked by three major U.S. broadcast networks.

A large segment of the television industry, as well as the telecommunications and information is suspicious with respect to Google, it accuses of vouloirmettre hands on advertising revenue without contributing to production costs programs. "Some in the United States fear that our goal is to compete with broadcasters and content creators.

In fact, quite the opposite," said Eric Schmidt during a speech at the Television Festival of Edinburgh. "We want to support the creative content industry by offering an open platform for next generation televisions can evolve the same way that Android is an open platform for next generation mobile phones," at he said.
So far, Google TV has not generated any real excitement in the United States, where Logitech International, one of the manufacturers of the case, declined in July, its price to 99 dollars  against 299 dollars to launch.
Google's ambitions are not new in the area where the Internet giant hopes to expand its television advertising activity online, the sales reached $ 28 billion last year. Television is still the size lion's share of advertising budgets. The acquisition of Motorola Mobility, Mid-August to $ 12.5 billion, could also help Google to impose its service.

In addition to the extensive patent portfolio in the wireless Motorola, the company also has a business in digital receivers.

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