Sunday, January 30, 2011

Overcome the challenge of creating a video game in two days

Shortly before three o'clock in the afternoon, moments lived more tension in the MediaLab Prado. At that time had to be all finished games. The GameJam had begun 48 hours earlier. The 60 participants went to present the results. There were people like Enrique Gil, a computer is participating for the first time and wants to turn around his life.

Just quit his job to "learn more and get into an industry full of opportunity." Paul Iáñez, Zaragoza, is making video game design degree from ESNE. First time and has brought with it the computer tower. Campus Party With several appear behind your machine with a handle at the top seems very normal.

Carles Ginés has come from Castellón, but has stayed under one of the workshops held spirits soaring. This event is celebrated around the world since 2002. New Zealand kicked out at three in the afternoon of Friday and ended at the same time yesterday. The only restriction to prevent pre-cooked and brought work to encourage creativity was the theme, the word "extinction." Verona, Prague, Cape Town, Seoul and Bangkok have also joined.

In total 7759 participants in 169 different events have created games 1354, almost every PC with Windows. The biggest crowd was held in Denmark with 284 participants. In 2009, Spain participated for the first time in this competition in which winning is the least important. Nintendo Wii console is the prize.

No one moves that recognition. The important thing is to have fun, build and if the jury is set on them, the better. The members are the most relevant industry: Roberto Alvarez de Lara, director of Top Games, Gilberto Sanchez, director of Virtual Toys, Daniel Parente, Enigma and Michael Santorum of Mercury.

Gonzo Suarez deserves a place of honor among these names. The historic game creator and director of the Command believes that these initiatives are very positive. "They show a great capacity to adapt and overcome the pressure. Serves to promote the work of new professionals" values. Irene Gabriel, 23, Bachelor of Fine Arts, is the only girl, just like last year, which was his first time.

He left there with many friends and a boyfriend to the next. Came to this world for a design course in three dimensions, but, thanks to her father, and loved the game. Began working with students in the Master of Game Development led by Pedro Gonzalez in the Complutense University. EnIntegralcom works, an enterprise application, as a designer.

"I do not want to dedicate professionally to the games. They are my hobby. In this area the pressure is very, very hard," he explains. The game created by their group is called Noerd's Ark, a recreation of Noah's Ark only after the animals save the boat is sinking. The team of José Miguel Sánchez, Eduardo Millan, Francisco Suárez Naranjo and Gorka has shaped a new civilization that will endure only if it is suitable for industrial development.

José Miguel already participated in similar events during Campus Party. Take it as a hobby and lives with passion. Is the escape valve to work is: developing applications for banking. Alone in the light, and a nod to a classic 90, Alone in the dark, is the team's proposal Matarrubia Fernando, Miguel Montesinos, Miguel Garcia and Carlos Ginés, making a graphic designer.

They opted for the usual platform game in which a doll much like a Fraggle need to go torch a torch. The game ends when the light is extinguished. The last migration of the mammoth have created Sergio Coleto, José Alfonso Macanás and Heap. Count as these ancestors of the elephant disappeared from the planet.

Herds roam the screen to fall into the hands of humans. Notable for the careful aesthetic touches and humor. The jury of industry members decided to award the game No more ice, Alvaro Calvo, Enrique Luengo, Marcos Paulis and Ivan Perez. The participants of award went to Delete this game, a title whose actions and screen are destroyed as it moves into it.

Literally lost functions to extinction. He left the minds of Enrique Alcor, Enrique Hervás, Alfredo Jiménez and Miguel Tomé. Sergio Galán and Victor Diaz are the only ones who accepted the proposal of MediaLab and played with the digital façade of the center. City Fireflies, fireflies urban in Spanish, is played from the street.

The moving light, a lighter or a torch made of control. May involve several passers-by to reach the center. Both finished second in the awards of the public and the professional jury. Federico Peinado, professor at the Complutense Masters, where she teaches Design and History, is more than proud of the results: "Every year is exceeded.

It seems incredible that they are able to do something big in just two days." The mere fact of getting up on Sunday with a clear head is considered an achievement. Around six in the afternoon, exhausted faces and submitted a diet of pizza and hamburgers, Coca-Cola, Red Bull, coffee and water decided to celebrate the feat with a dose of entertainment in the real world.

Before your body removed the legendary lineup of "Game Over" shared beers and stories in the neighborhood of Huertas.

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