Sunday, February 6, 2011

Zcalo 1910

The Constitution Square, better known as the Zocalo is the heart of Mexico City. Now and in 1910, when the country took up arms to overthrow the dictator Porfirio Diaz. Thanks to technology and that place that year, that changed the course of modern history of Mexico, have been rebuilt by the National Arts Centre (CENART).

Socket 1910, a free download (www. conaculta. Gov. Mx / socket) faithfully reproduces the events. "We started with three-dimensional digital reconstruction of all buildings, street furniture and lighting system as it operated at the time. In some cases we have drawings of the buildings, but many others had to do with photographs, because several of buildings around the square will no longer exist or have been modified, "said Cuauhtemoc Sentíes, deputy director of the Multimedia Center.

The recordings you hear are from the era, as well as image galleries, showing the street photographers. There are also newspaper stands that, as we approached, given the latest news. Although some of the situations are fictional, are based on documents obtained from public and private newspaper archives, which have served to copy the clothes of the time.

In 1910 the Zocalo of Mexico City was a huge mall with fountains, trees, planters, benches to admire the cathedral and kiosks for the concerts, which emit sound references rebuilding year. There are also bars, pulque (sellers of pulque, a popular alcoholic drink) and street artisans. "In the Zocalo converged musicians, merchants, devotees and people in all walks of life.

It was and is an emblematic for understanding the historical moment of the country. Zocalo reflects, in a playful and interactive, the great change that took place in Mexico in 1910. "

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