Saturday, May 21, 2011

The revolution does not ask permission

Jorge Pamplona and is picking up the word in Piazza di Spagna in Rome, the little procession de los indignados has already conquered the Trinità dei Monti. While speaking from minimegafono made in China, a photographer is coming and he looks at him, stops, smiles and asks, "No, por favor." And when, during his brief intervention boys and girls show any applause, he screens and beckons with the hand that allow him to continue "porque soy so ..." he adds.

Talk of problems with his precarious, and says he does not feel represented by a bipolar democracy that excludes all the political nuances in which he identifies: the left, ecology, democratic participation. He added that Spain is in the hands of big banks, which receive government support in spades, and that he "has not voted." Mary, before the parade trying to conquer the stairs, talk to an officer of the Police Department seeks guidance on who they are, how you are organized and who could speak on their behalf.

Kindly explains that "yo no quiero represent anyone, I am here because of the protest on Twitter Leiden, no one has organized, we are all here individually." "Yes, but you could ask permission to the police station," he says. "La revolución no pide permiso." Yeah, the revolution is not asking permission.

A boy explains why: "I'm sick of pats on the back. I do not understand why our generation is the most prepared of the story but we are the ones who have less work and more and more unemployment. " Then, turning to a group that joined the demonstrators with a beer in his hand, says that "we are here to defend democracy, not to party." Well, no need of deep sociological analysis to find out who these guys who have been protesting since May 15 all over Spain, and who have managed to extend their fight across Europe.

Their themes: to stop the youth unemployment at 40%, enough to help the big banks, starting with a real participatory democracy that the two-party system can not provide a boost to the welfare state, calling for immediate and real political change, or do not feel right nor left but I am against abstention, are against the leaders and spokespersons to change roles every day.

We call upon mainly through Twitter with the tag # spanishrevolution (# italianrevolution in Italy) and this is the true revolutionary new communication: everyone can post to Twitter using this tag, no matter who goes first, no one has the keys to a Facebook page or a Web site, but all - collectively - make up the mosaic of this great revolution.

We have much to learn. Tonight is replicated in Rome and Turin. Let us join them. For other cities, and to stay in touch: www. piratenpad. de / oprevolution

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