Sunday, February 13, 2011

Samsung introduces its mobile Galaxy S II

New smartphone and new tablet. Samsung has just introduced its mobile bets in 2011. The Royal Philharmonic of Music has served in the Palau Sant Jordi in Barcelona, Samsung Galaxy official presentation of S II, the new smartphone of the South Korean company with which he intends to win over everyone, including their staff, as it has achieved with its predecessor Samsung Galaxy S.

JK Shin, president and head of mobile business unit, has said they have already sold 10 million units Galaxy S. Galaxy S II, which weighs 116 grams and has a 1650 mAh battery, the emphasis is on the screen, speed and content. Super Plus AMOLED screen of 4.27 inches, according to the company improves contrast and brightness levels of the above, and offers more pixels.

The speed is double, A dual-core processor is 1GHz Alade +21 HSPA connection for Internet access. Also remarkable for its thinness with 8.49 mm thick. Access to content has been simplified into four major hubs (hubs) to access through the fingers of all contacts from social networks, games, music and books.

The library, for example, has 2.2 million books and novels for sale, global and local newspapers 2.00 in 49 languages and 2,300 magazines and music catalog containing more than 12 million songs from 7digital. In addition, through Live Panel, easy access to frequently used applications and information in real time.

To further facilitate the transfer of information from phone to computer, Samsung has introduced a new manager, Kies Air, which allows its user from the PC to manage your videos or pictures. Galaxy S II, which runs the Android operating system 2.3 of Google, whose name is Gingerbread, also expands the capacity of its 8-megapixel camera that records video in high definition (1080 dpi) and add another 2-megapixel front for videoconferencing.

A phone qualities for all audiences, Galaxy S II adds useful features for professionals and companies such as Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync support, Sybase and networks weex VPNs and Cisco, whose leaders have left the stage to demonstrate the qualities of the device as a tool to work. A terminal that will be available this summer and has not disclosed the price.

In the end, emulating the Apple CEO, Steve Jobs and his "one more" regular presentations, Samsung has pulled out of the hat-awaited 10.1-inch Tablet Tab. Few details have been given about it except that it also carries a dual-core processor works with version 3.0 of Android, honeycomb, its thickness is 10.9 mm and weighs 599 grams.

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