Sunday, February 13, 2011

Windows will have your phone Nokia Phone 7 this year

Microsoft to create an ecosystem with the height of what Apple and Google have set up, that's the idea that Stephen Elop to define the alliance with Microsoft, and which was made in Barcelona to defend again. If Friday we heard the details of the agreement today and tell us that the first fruits in the form of product will be on the street before the end of the year, but in 2012 they have a catalog volume and important market.

For those who have any doubt, the attractive concepts that we showed you recently have been confirmed, also presenting at the conference other designs something different, but in the colorful line that we are not accustomed to seeing in Windows Phone 7. It seems that the choice of Windows 7 on Android Phone is one of the justifications that more will have to make the Canadian CEO, and he returned to argue that if they had chosen the Google operating system, only have two ecosystems in the market and They were likely a third player along with Microsoft.

I think it is a company with a lot more like throwing in the same direction, another is in a dominant position as Google. With the election was clearly position against Google, but you never know what lies ahead, and heard rumors 2012. What is clear is that competition for the consumer is always good, and we must give the reason.

Elop wants us to see that Nokia is benefiting from the services surrounding Windows Phone 7: Bing, Xbox, etc, but also know that makes them dependent on Microsoft. To balance the scales, the Redmond company will draw on the experienced Nokia localization services, and a large sum of money.

In this relationship the two companies have set up, Nokia will have to pay licenses for using the operating system, but clearly save on investment by not having to develop the ecosystem. The reality is that the statements do not sound right coming from a company that historically has focused on research and development than most.

Have also reported that Nokia and Microsoft have plans to launch a joint mobile advertising system to operate in the common platform. About Meegan also had occasion to speak, as well as their other parent, Intel, Nokia has no intention of leaving to one side, but did not clarify the release of a model this year.

Elop himself was met last week with the company of the processors. About Symbian assure us that continue to support the developers, but also help them move to Windows Phone 7. With respect to terminals will continue to bring new, with most current hardware and software evolved. Regardless of the promises, I think we can better describe a picture: Some important ideas Elop left us at the conference tomorrow afternoon Steve Ballmer will be at the conference Microsoft to continue defending the controversial relationship, in which all suggests that Redmond and the U.S.

have much more to gain than the Finns and Europe, but apparently we can summarize that "Nokia will manufacture handsets and Microsoft will put the software." Images | Nokia conversations.

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