Monday, February 14, 2011

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. We tested at MWC 2011

We begin our tour of the gadgets Star Mobile World Congress 2011 with a heavy weight, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, the second tablet of the Korean and first foray into dual-processor architecture with Honeycomb operating system. Tablets manufacturers have embarked on a career as rampant in the tablet segment, which one does not know what to add to the list of 'I want'.

Having tested the Motorola Xoom, this second Honeycomb is even more appealing. These are our initial findings after trying it. The tablet design, to match the Galaxy Samsung S 2, leaving the usual shiny plastic on the Samsung for a matte finish and rugged in the back, and brushed metal on the sides.

Without going into aesthetic judgments, the most striking of the tablet is that it is completely flat. The back has two ridges that make it very comfortable (much more than the IPAD) to hold with one or both hands. In addition, the sense of lightness to hold it is brutal. The first thing we have experienced to get behind the wheel of Honeycomb has been puzzling.

Although we are expert users of Android, the tablet version has little to do with mobile. The new system is not as intuitive as it sounds, and requires some time to figure out where are the menus, notices and controls areas of the invention. After this process, experience with Honeycomb is great.

The new Gmail application is excellent, as is, for example, the eReader or music player. We can not say the same wall of Youtube, it took a while to load. Video playback does not seem polished and gave us their own clips error device sample. Everything indicates that Honeycomb still has some aspects to polish, but the leap from Gingerbread is exponential and the Galaxy Samsung 10.1 Tab moves very swiftly around the software.

Special mention multitasking system, which seems to pull gently. The Galaxy Tab chamber 10.1 is another of his jewelry. Apart from an 8-megapixel sensor and Full HD video recording, the new Honeycomb camera software is much faster and intuitive. I recognize it is a little absurd to take pictures with a size of a gossip magazine, but having a 10.1-inch display is something hypnotic.

The keyboard is another element that has improved dramatically. With the right applications, the tablet is on course to inevitably replace the netbook as a tool for mobile working. A priori, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is higher than the motorola Xoom. Physically is thinner, weighs less and has a power (without any evidence in depth) equivalent.

The integrated camera Samsung model gives several turns of the Motorola model. Which one will take the upper hand is hard to predict yet. The price and agreements with operators will be crucial. Also influence undisclosed details, such as battery life. For now, all I can say is we want a longer.

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