Monday, February 14, 2011

Mobile World Congress: Sony has unveiled the Playstation phone

More game console as a phone: Sony Ericsson has unveiled at the Mobile World Congress the long awaited Playstation phone. In addition to the Xperia Play device called fade the other innovations of the Group. Sony will make amends with the Daddelhandy ground - and have finally stand up to Apple. Barcelona - Sony makes the Playstation mobile - via mobile phone.

On Sunday evening the Swedish-Japanese company placed in Barcelona before the device that is engaged in discussions on the net for months now, tells stories and fantasizing was: The Playstation Phone. It does not mean not really, but with the less descriptive name Xperia Play. A Playstation phone it is anyway: The first mobile phone that was actually built to play (once you've flopped the Nokia N-Gage apart).

The most important accessory for such a Daddel phone, the game controller that has the Xperia's single unit. Where you can slide out for business phones, the keyboard under the screen, lying on this model, the typical control and function keys as found on the Playstation out. In sport the big screen with a diagonal size of four inches and a resolution of 854 x 480 pixels.

The, report those that the device in Barcelona were already taking a close look bribe, with strong contrasts and brilliant colors. So that it can equally well start, Sony Ericsson will deliver the unit with "up to seven pre-installed games. Until the launch, scheduled for March, 50 more are to come specially developed games for this phone to do so.

In addition to games that were developed for the first Playstation, running on the Xperia Play. This gives the platform a theoretically huge library: For the world sold in various versions over 100 million copies first Sony console, there are thousands of games. The prices for such games in their mobile phone version will be far below what you are used to pay for PlayStation titles, more to the level that you get from playing apps.

Most game apps for the iPhone costs about 0.79 to 3.99 €. Sony could very elegant here recycle its own catalog. Big goals and an approach with Google's help, the distribution channel for these games, however, makes the announcement of the Playstation phones for other users of interest. On the phone a Playstation-pocket app will be installed, which you can access a range of the Android Marketplace, available in the games for the device.

Sony had announced at the launch of the Mobile Console PSP2, they would provide such an app for other phones. The so-called "Playstation Suite" repurpose could then theoretically any sufficiently powerful Android phone for mobile Playstation - just without a game controller that could be emulated by software on the screen.

The move, a Playstation software for Android phones to publish shows, however, already, where are we heading for Sony Ericsson. CEO Bert Nordberg said in Barcelona: "We want to be number one in Android. Of trips with other operating systems, no more talk. So it is not surprising that all cell phones that the company has announced on Sunday evening run, with Android, with the latest version for mobile phones, version 2.3, code-named Ginger Bread.

With games against Apple's Xperia addition to the models are still the Xperia Xperia Neo and Pro. All three share some technical details with each other. Thus, all driven by a fast 1 GHz Qualcomm processor and display all the same 854 x 480 pixels. Neo Pro and have slightly smaller 3.7-inch screens.

Otherwise, enter the not three more, all delivered with 8 GB memory types that have Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS on board. One puzzling detail: While Neo and Pro via HDMI cables can be connected to a TV, just missing the Xperia's this possibility. In addition, the Xperia Pro houses under its screen, a full QWERTY keyboard recommends herself for many writers and business use.

The Neo, however trumped his two colleagues with a 8.1 megapixel camera and instead of the 5-megapixel snapping in play and Pro. It has also installed a front camera for video chats, this obviously is the Face Time function make the iPhone competition. Whether it succeeds remains to be seen.

Undoubtedly, however, is that Sony Ericsson with the Xperia's in a niche penetrates the iPhone lately and was dominated by Apple's iPod touch: mobile gaming. When it was still secret, was known as the Xperia's Playstation Phone, and it will not change anything now, even if the manufacturer of the device officially a different name.

The lure of Playstation games can now play with the phone are likely to succumb but some fans of the Sony consoles. But only if the games on Android Market are also actually offered at prices competitive, so setting is.

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