Monday, February 14, 2011

LG 3D Optimus

The Optimus LG 3D, first phone with 3D display and able to take pictures in 3D, is here. Will undoubtedly be the most memorable second phone this fair MWC 2011. As expected, the new LG 3D Optimus is the first mobile phone that dares to three dimensions. The key will be on your screen that allows us to appreciate the 3D effect without glasses.

Will commercial success when there is little material to take advantage? At least the 3D camera itself draws our attention. The Nintendo 3DS paved the way and now it is the turn of mobile phones. The 3D world makes her way to our gadgets and LG 3D Optimus will be remembered for daring to cast the first stone into a lake still frozen.

But one thing. The first thing you need to talk about the new LG 3D Optimus of your screen. It's great as that of the superphone, ie, 4.3 inches, WVGA resolution, or whatever it is, 800X480 pixels. We see that the trend is to enlarge the screen, but should begin to think also increase the resolution.

For once, neither the size nor the resolution is what matters most in the phone display. The 3D Optimus LG is proud to be able to show the three dimensional world without glasses. As we advance, we need to see how the user is able to take advantage of this functionality when there is little material.

For now, the consumer will have to create it, even aid will be part of the 3D channel on Youtube, as one would expect. Here you can upload videos 3D and from there receive. To access these features 3D has a specific hub that can be accessed from a dedicated physical button. But the disadvantages of the 3D display should also look at the natural brightness and special effects of it.

We fear that this new 3D Optimus LG can not compete in its spectacular display with the new SuperAmoled Plus, for instance. And digging a data sheet on the new LG 3D Optimus we find the miracle in charge of 3D chip: a dual-core OMAP 1 GHz Texas Instruments. He is accompanied on a PowerVR SGX graphics tasks 540.

The performance that we should offer is on par with the Nvidia Tegra 2. 3D name not only has to do with the screen but rather the camera five megapixels. With this LG 3D Optimus must be presumed mainly to take pictures in three dimensions. And no tricks or assemblies, there are two cameras for this.

In the rear, as you can see, there are two cameras with two sensors, responsible for making 3D photos and videos dimensional then we may see in its own phone screen or on a compatible TV via HDMI. Highlight other features internal memory expandable to 8 GB microSD card, WiFi connectivity and GPS.

Despite having a 3D display and a dual camera, the LG 3D Optimus not be placed at the head of Android phones because by the time it hits the market in May, it will still version 2.2 of Android. Although LG says it will be upgradeable, we can not but express our surprise that the new company's flagship phones are not Android 2.3 of output.

We can therefore say that we are faced with Android phones first and second. As usual in the MWC 2011, the price and availability for this LG 3D Optimus has not been specified. Just know it will hit the market next May and the price will depend on the carriers and their offerings. Few dare to open the superphone buy this 2011.

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