Monday, February 14, 2011

A licensing company sends 30,000 letters to schools Spaniards

The Motion Picture Licensing Company Spain, SL, a company that ensures management of 365 licensed producers and film distributors around the world, has sent a letter to Spanish education institutions mind the need to have a license for exhibition in the center education. According to company sources, is not the first time you make a shipment of this type.

On this occasion they have sent 30,000 letters. The letter, made public the @ pemit partially explains the institutes "MPLC Umbrella License with the school is authorized to make unlimited use (sic) of any movie purchased legally without administrative costs, not costs. His center will have a "flat rate" that will integrate the film into their curriculum ...

This school also helps students understand and value the intellectual property ...". The letter notes that "most schools are unaware that the use of video or DVD is limited to private, home use only ... although the use of" small pieces (less than 2 minutes) movie classrooms for educational purposes is permitted under the Copyright Act 1996.

The videos and DVDs displayed outside the home are considered public exhibitions and their use is illegal if you do not have the required authorization from the owners rights. " The text ends "MPLC is the exclusive representative of more than 75 studies i production in Spain and is therefore the only one who can authorize the public display of films in schools." Company sources have told this newspaper that the licensure is independent of the rights of societies.

The @ pemit criticism that matches schools and colleges to bars, clubs and block parties. "Thanks to the Law Sinde becomes illegal to put a movie in English class or watch a play in literature class."

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