Monday, February 14, 2011

Wave Samsung 578, Bada new phone with NFC

The Samsung Wave 578 which just unveiled at MWC 2011 Samsung has shown that not all going to be this year its Galaxy Super S II. Bada is more alive than ever with this new touchscreen smartphone. The Wave features of the new Samsung 578 are quite discrete, so the most remarkable is that it keeps alive and confirms that Bada's bid marks the NFC technology is a reality.

The new Samsung Wave 578 reaches the market of smartphones with a conservative design but very good finish. Its metal housing is ergonomic and gives a total thickness of 12.5 mm to the new phone, which weighs less than 100 grams. That weight seems ideal for a handset with 3.2-inch screen and WQVGA resolution.

LCDTFT is a classic, now all this has a lot. If we looked at the datasheet for the new Samsung Wave 578 what is most striking is the addition of NFC technology, a new proof that this is serious. The other most important specifications are: As you just saw, the new Samsung Wave 578 is a display of pestaciones, so we must fix on what it offers in the operating system.

This unit contains no big surprises, and although many expected a breakthrough in Bada, this model will come with version 1.1, or custom TouchWiz interface and the integration of social hubs so fashionable that are going to be this year 2011. We emphasize the appearance of the Rich Communication Suite software that supports a wide variety of social communications and integrate and combine contacts from multiple social networks.

Nor need the presence of Samsung's Apps. On the availability of the new Samsung Wave 578 have not been given more than a bare details will be available throughout 2011, "so you'd better sit back and wait for surely take several months to make an appearance. The price is also unknown, but rest assured you will be part of this website Promoted inexpensive terminals in the catalogs of some operators.

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