Monday, February 14, 2011

Sony Ericsson at MWC 2011: looking for niches and no excess cell

After the full day yesterday, we already have enough material to analyze what has happened in the first horde of submissions from brands. And we start with Sony Ericsson, Samsung and because its two flagship products as we are clear: the moment will mainly head with that great phone (maybe too big) that is the Samsung Galaxy S II.

After the spectacular Sony Ericsson teach Arc, the people of the Swedish-Japanese alliance has abandoned the pursuit of thinness or spectacular displays and focused entirely on finding niches, ie, pockets of very specific market. Supposedly his earlier batch of phones did well in the play and now again the same, so that instead of offering several similar phones or one franchise, are positioned on many fronts, something we like.

Before positioning its new phones as I do, I would highlight a couple of details not found in the new Sony Ericsson phones but who are everywhere in the competition. I mean the type AMOLED screens or high-sounding names and dual-core processors. Both features are not present in any of the four models of smartphones, although they have been targeted fashion putting on your new screen name.

In his case thrown a life insurance: Bravia. This technology promises to improve them mainly when playing videos. Another aspect that attracts the attention of the new Sony Ericsson is that, although his approach is quite powerful, multimedia, photos and play among its main claims have been ignored in all new models, the dual-core processor, so that in this device and go to market behind its competitors in other brands.

The early adopters look at these aspects in detail, but even if the consumer does not hurry as these details, this commitment to what appears to be simple opposites. Although in principle the phone will not be a photographic element, Sony Ericsson has taken care of this detail on their main phone.

The Sony Ericsson Neo, focusing on multimedia playback with HDMI output, has an 8 megapixel camera with Exmor sensor R backlit, the same as riding the Arc and the new Xperia Sony Ericsson Xperia Pro, with a clearly professional profile through full QWERTY keyboard. Of the new phones just lay out the distribution of the innovative backlight sensor Xperia Play, the clearest example of the niche you are looking for Sony Ericsson.

Can you compete with this theoretical expertise against the beasts of the competition? We at least we are pleased that all Android phones are not equal, but giving up features of 2011 is a risk that not everyone seems willing to take. And you?

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