Monday, February 14, 2011

The connected home a dog form

Always connected. Yes, but how?. The fair of the world's largest mobile, Mobile World Congress starts today in Barcelona, is an ecosystem for professionals. Pure technology that blends with services for the consumer's home. This morning, before the official inauguration, the organization wanted to show your home connected.

Mobile solutions from companies such as AT & T, Ericsson, IBM, Qualcomm and Vodafone display at the Embedded Mobile House. Here are some ideas to integrate mobile in our lives: The tree with feeling. In Ericsson explained that this tree, an orange purchased in Barcelona, and has followers.

And feelings. Incorporates a sensor in its pot and when someone plays it sends a message to the mobile. The tree in question detects when someone is approaching and is designed for example as far seguirdad. In search of the dog. This is a tracking device that can load the dog into his collar.

Garmin called GTU 10 and is already sold in the United States collaborative effort of Garmin and AT & T. Sets an area of movement and the device sends an alert message when the animal over the limit. Bright pills. These small bottles for tablets incorporating a sensor that makes the boat is lit when the patient forgets to take some of their capsules.

It also sends an alert to your mobile. Watch video The connected home. Various solutions have how through the remote control to connect the light, turn on the machine or control weight. "It's not science fiction, here we demonstrate machine to machine what are the benefits of the connected home," said José Ignacio Gafo, a member of Vodafone Spain.

"Technology has advanced significantly." Reward the best driver. A black box with a SIM card is inserted into the car. Will be responsible for absorbing all the information to determine how to drive. This application, designed primarily for insurance companies Accenture and Vodafone, want to reward the best drivers.

The aim is to offer a better risk premium and that certain persons are not disadvantaged because they belong to a group of risk. For example, 18 to 25 years.

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