Monday, February 14, 2011

Fujitsu introduced the chip 3 mm

Fujitsu continues to surprise with its products for gadgets, more and more tiny. On this occasion, is preparing to present at Mobile World Congress (Mobile World Congress) an extremely small chip that has the ability to record 1080p videos and take pictures of 20 megapixels, a real surprise that continues to break the barriers of technology , going farther and farther.

Takes very little to develop the MWC and all companies are already preparing for such a surprise event. Fujitsu could not lag behind, and surprises with one of his specialties: the chips. This is an image processor called "Milbeaut MB9196 AM", but its size is not as long as your name, measuring just 13 x 13 mm.

A small but capable of taking photographs in large format and excellent quality. With this new chip video encoding podrĂ¡is H. Tomanddo 264 and 14-megapixel photos at no less than 8 frames per second, you also have the option of taking them to 20 images at 5.5 megapixels per second. This new chip is a great omen for those who love taking pictures with his mobile, as it will change radically as they have at the time photographs or make recordings.

Surely you want to have gadgets that contain this chp, and what you can do very soon, from Fujitsu have indicated they will be available in April.

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