Monday, February 14, 2011

The licensing of mobile phones caused a scandal in India

The Indian Supreme Court ordered the government Thursday, February 10, install a special tribunal to expedite hearings in connection with the investigation of an alleged corruption scandal in the telecommunications sector. The fire sale of mobile telephone licenses for second generation (2G) in 2008, operators are not eligible, would deprived the Treasury of up to $ 40 billion (30 billion euros), according to the Auditor and Comptroller General.

"The incredible growth of mobile telecommunications in India was accompanied by a series of scandals, a consequence of the lack of regulation and supervision in a deliberate manipulation of policy measures, for certain businesses," Tehelka analysis, detailing the persons suspected of involvement in the case.

Until now, the former Telecommunications Minister Andimuthu Raja, suspected of having organized the fraudulent sale, was remanded in custody. The Federal Police also arrested the director of one of the largest property groups in the country, who is also vice-chairman of the Telecom operator Etisalat DB India.

TOWARDS NEW INVESTIGATIONS According to the survey of the federal police, the public sector banks have deviated from their official guidelines by providing loans to operators for purchase of phone licenses 2G. "These loans have been approved by the presidents of banks," said the police in a report, without revealing their identity.

"The intelligence services should expand the scope of their investigations to other companies," notes The Hindu. Outlookmesure to share the political consequences of such a scandal. "With control of the Supreme Court and the arrest of the federal police, the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) is starting to feel the heat.

The opposition for its part, remains committed to a parliamentary inquiry, conducted by a joint committee" , says the magazine.

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