Monday, February 14, 2011

How to make money from aplis

How to make money with the applications? Great question, to which the fair has opened the mobile world. To be invited to respond to a one of the few to have done: Mikael Hed, CEO of Rovio, the factory Angry Game Birds. Hed The first recipe is to get the volume of public. Angry Birds has made tens of millions of downloads via various platforms, more than 60 million, but revenues do not reach that number: one million dollars.

Most downloads are free and the rest at 99 cents. Hed said that for a successful implementation is not required to have a thousand different things to comperencia, "just one. With a different and can highlight." It's what got angry with his birds. Based on volume, according Hed can find other means of income.

One is advertising, which is the main income aplis in a couple of years. AngryBirds has not renounced to advertise himself, and in the most expensive: the football superbowl. "It's very expensive, but that announcement was supplemented with information through social networks like Facebook and Twitter, through all channels can leverage the impact and return on money invested." A Hed however the revenue model he likes is the subscription.

To him and to all developers, but for this we must constantly be creating added value to the subscriber. Lee Epting, Vodafone, quality is the only way to survive among the scrum of aplis and for this we must report on aplis there are for each type of professional. Ivan Farneti, the investment firm Doughty Hanson, the aplis are the paradigm of user interaction, as it was twenty years ago the Web.

All of them took time to talk about the Nokia-Microsoft deal. Farneti believes the alliance is going to take a long time to both. "They will lose a year in an industry that is fast. And the agreement, in any case, it means that Nokia will improve its position." To Ilja Laurs, creator of the GetJar download sites, the agreement is a good move for both.

Relies on the Windows platform. Hed would not go. "As we are agnostic with Rovio platafomas, we reach the maximum audience around the world. At the moment it is guaranteed Android, the Google platform.

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