Monday, February 14, 2011

Samsung Galaxy SII. We tested at MWC 2011

Samsung seems to have found the perfect balance for your mobile with the Galaxy family. If the Samsung S Galaxy, top-end 2010, there has been one of the most successful end of the year, now back to challenge the Korean market with a new version. The Samsung Galaxy SII does not leave much room for imagination.

Basically, this is a phone you have updated almost all the components to catapult him back to the terminal segment of higher range. If on paper, SIIos Galaxy looks awesome, and I anticipate that, in person, produce outbursts of love at first sight. Inevitable talk of design. The 8.49 mm thick even more impressed by its proportion to the size of the mobile.

With 116 grams, the Galaxy S2 is lightweight and comes to feel like a toy rather than actual device. The materials are the same as the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. The plastic back is matte and rough to the touch, while the front retains the standard black plastic with metallic finish on the sides.

Here the iPhone 4 is more than an inspiration. The terminal screen is spectacular. At 4.3 inches diagonal adds a technology that brings the number of dots on the image to make it clear, all with their own color intensity of the Super Amol. It looks very, very well. The dual-processor integration makes it extremely flexible terminal opening or executing applications in multitasking.

A bird's eye view gives the feeling that Android 2.3 Gingerbread manages resources much better than his brother Honeycomb. The games, for example, handle 3D environments with a soft and rather enviable level of detail. The camera, 8 megapixels, is the same as the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, and it works like a charm on both photo and video, which records in full HD at 30fps.

Connectivity has also been improved to 21Mbps with HSDPA, a wireless version Kies software to connect directly to a computer, under AllShare DLNA and short-distance connections NFCpara as micropayments. Here we enter a contentious field because it is so subject to taste. Server is not friendly Graphical interface customization.

Like Android, pure and simple, and I see happy for each brand to strive to customize many times worse that were already well functions unchanged. A typical example of this is the Samsung Galaxy Tab keyboard, much more cumbersome than the original Android and whose change was completely unnecessary.

In this order of things, Samsung has gone hand in hand with customization. The whole terminal is full of aggregators called hubs that allow, for example, have all messages (SMS, e-mail, social networks) of a contact in groups. Hubs music and games are even more unannounced, because they simply centralize downloads a content type.

The hubs are complemented by a very motley interface widgets that can cover even the entire surface of the desktop to seem almost a kind of Windows Phone 7. Obviously, under this patchwork quilt is still Android, and everyone is free to reduce the interference of Samsung all you want. I understand and applaud the willingness of the Korean to seek their own style but to my taste, lingers too long of bright colors and graphic style should learn from other systems such as IOS or WebOS.

For many, of course, the aesthetics of the Galaxy SII will be an issue less important or may even be to your liking. Hopefully, the aesthetic was always our biggest problems, which is not acceptable is that some hubs offer content as closed or limited. Apps Samsung's shadow hangs over our heads.

With decorations and hubs or not, that everyone install what you want. What is clear is that the Samsung Galaxy SII is a piece of smartphone that exudes power and performance with a streamlined operating system and well oiled. Strongly recommended.

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