Monday, February 14, 2011

Telefnica tries to bring the ID to mobile

Telefonica wants to wear an electronic ID to the mobile. The operator believes that if the mobile as the portfolio is always carried in his pocket is the perfect place to host the first instrument of identification such as passport. So this morning at the Mobile World Congress (MWC, in English) of Barcelona the NIDC, an electronic ID card that will stay in the mobile phone SIM card.

The NIDC will serve to identify secure access to any page, especially banking, utilities or public institutions (municipalities, tax authorities, etc.). However, the NIDC will not serve as digital signatures (used in services such as paying taxes), as said Carlos Domingo, CEO, Telefónica I + D.

For identification, will store a series of electronic ID data of which are already issued more than 20 million in the SIM card. Each time you authenticate the NIDC be verified with the Directorate General of Police that the electronic identity card has been stolen and is in force. Carlos Jimenez, president of Secuware, explained that the advantage of NIDC against electronic ID is that needs no computer or electronic reader, and you can identify in mobility.

He added that it is safer because by not having to get through keyboard keys you can not capture your data. "The main problem of the electronic ID is that people do not remember the PIN," Jimenez said. The process, which meets all requirements of the Data Protection Act, will allow faster access to web pages that require identifying with the number of ID, as the mobile include that number without having to type it, so that the customer is limited to enter your password.

The project is under development. Secuware Telefónica and its partner have begun talks with the government, financial institutions and other mobile companies for deployment on a global scale before its final release, and is one of the main problems is the high exchange mobile company Spanish made by subscribers using the portability (keeping the phone number), which in this case would be associated with the DNI.

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