Friday, May 13, 2011

Facebook tab to an agency to disparage Google

Facebook has admitted that it hired the public relations firm Burson-Marsteller to disseminate information on Google, regarding privacy violations of the competitor. The fact was known as a blogger, Chris Sohogian, received a proposal from that agency to help you write an article on Social Circle, a service connected to Gmail, Google.

The information you supplied was apocalyptic: "The American people must be aware of the deep intrusion into his personal life by Google that is cataloging and disseminating every minute of every day without his permission." The blogger thought the agency was making a mountain out of a grain of sand and decided to investigate the source of interest in the subject and for whom he worked.

The agency refused to give details, and the blogger published the post. USA Today investigated the matter and found no basis for the allegations. A reporter for The Daily Beast is the one who has managed to recognize that Facebook was the client of the agency and who was behind the campaign.

A Facebook spokesperson has said that they did because they were convinced that Google's privacy practices maintained the Internet and that improperly used data from its network. Google has not commented so far this episode.

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