Friday, May 13, 2011

Fujistu think the gadget of the future

Many designs have sought to combine different types of gadgets, and there are several tablets mixing devices with laptops or smartphones to a passage of a tablet, the perfect proportion is what your looking Fujistsu Flexbook. The Flexbook is simply a design prototype created by designer Hao-Chun Huang with the distinction of being adaptable to our needs at any time.

The Flexbook is a gadget that folds can be easily transformed into tablet, laptop or electronic book according to the use we want to give. Through a system of folding as we have seen in some laptops lately the Flexbook has physical keyboard, touch screen and others with a design not much bigger than a book or booklet.

Also look for Self of all points of view, also can exchange the counting frame and with different colors and designs. For now the device is a simple prototype and still plenty of time remaining until the Flexbook see in stores but at first glance looks like a great idea. What do you think the Flexbook? Do you think it is necessary to combine different types of gadgets?

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