Friday, February 11, 2011

Coffee grounds readers predict the mini-iPhone

Small, cheap, contract-free: oracles supposedly informed people again on a new iPhone favorable for the mass market. shall be 200 dollars it cost this time. Such forecasts are a tradition, but so far little substance. The rumor is almost as old as the iPhone: In 2007, analysts speculated about a small, cheap version of the Apple smartphone.

At that time, told a financial services analyst with JP Morgan, the device will probably cost about $ 300 and somehow look similar to the iPod nano. It has become nothing but betray every year since then analysts (especially) and informed people (anonymously) the media, new details to the supposed iPhone Nano.

This time, the news agency Bloomberg reported, citing "informed persons", Apple is working on a smaller and cheaper version of the iPhone. The new model should be about one-third smaller and in the U.S. $ 200 without a service plan. The smaller iPhone could come in mid-to market, Bloomberg reported on.

It should thus be more favorable to him that parts of today's iPhones will be used instead of newer high-performance components that come in the next generation of the main model. Only a few Apple employees knew of that project. However, the source is acknowledged of the financial agency that Apple is most often prototypes that never come to market.

A cheaper iPhone would be a change in strategy for Apple. Previously, the company is trying more to do with expensive phones, high profits, even if the market share is thus clear. Controlled so Apple only two to four percent of the mobile phone market - but some analysts say remove a good half of the profits of all producers.

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