Friday, February 11, 2011

Nokia and Microsoft Smartphone forge alliance: against Google and Apple

It is a pact against Google, Apple and Co.: Nokia and Microsoft will cooperate in the future in the smartphone business. Above all, Nokia is there under pressure. The world leader has recently lost many customers to competitors. Berlin - The world's largest mobile phone maker Nokia joins forces with the world's largest software company, Microsoft.

Nokia will attend including the operating system Windows Mobile 7 as a key smartphone platform, shared the company on Friday. Thus, the group confirmed rumors circulating for weeks about such cooperation. Nokia wants to get hold of a completely new strategy in the smartphone market rivals such as Apple and other successful manufacturers customers.

The Finnish mobile phone giant had dominated with a market share of up to 40 percent of the global market for mobile phones for many years. Of successes since the Apple iPhone and other smartphones, the company has lost that dominance. Nokia has so far found no remedy for strengthened competitors.

Although rising at Nokia's global mobile phone sales, but the market is growing very fast and the Finns so far, the many cheaper mobile phones and entry-level middle class for growth. In addition, the Internet company Google has recently pushed back its Android software platform that runs on the mobile phones of different manufacturers, Nokia at number two on the smartphone.

Middle of the week had compared the new Nokia CEO Stephen Elop, the situation for his company with on a "burning oil platform." Nokia introduces its strategy to combat the decline on Friday in London. Nokia's chief expressed in the Declaration on the change of course an ambitious goal: They want to win back the "leadership in the smartphone.

Speculation among observers is also massive substitutions in top management and the relocation of business activities of Finland in the U.S. state of California. Before joining Nokia Elop was at Microsoft for many years under contract. Besides the alliance with Microsoft, Elop prescribed the Group include a new structure.

The telephone business is split: One area is to deal with future smart phones, securing a different leadership in the simpler cheaper phones. Nokia stand at a crossroads, Elop said again.

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