Monday, May 16, 2011

Apple keyboards and patented improvements to the communication in noisy environments

Two media have published Apple's record of as many patents to improve their phones. One of them refers to the use of the telephone in a noisy environment. A sensor detects noise in the place where you are in mobile and on-screen displays the percentage. The owner may have activated a system of oral notice of this circumstance in which the caller warned of the impossibility of speaking in those circumstances.

But you can also choose to write a message that the other gets converted into voice message and vice versa. The words of the caller can be received in text format on the phone that is in that noisy environment. Activation of the system is voluntary. The other patent affects keyboards. As ever more compact and lightweight, the sensitivity of the user with the same decreases.

To zoom in, Apple has devised a complex system that increases the tactile sensation. The key when ready to be used to draw air free use by the owner of the phone. The patent is accompanied by a hydraulic system, according to the orders that will give the owner and the program you are using, highlights the keys to use, plunging that are not useful for the role.

The patent dates from 2009 and is designed for physical keyboards, not virtual.

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