Monday, May 16, 2011

Download: Limewire enters into a settlement agreement for $ 105 million

LimeWire American society, which published a software exchange music files, convicted of copyright infringement, agreed to pay $ 105 million (74 million) to settle the lawsuits, said the association Professional Disc RIAA late last week. According to the RIAA, which issued a statement Thursday evening, an amicable agreement was reached when a jury convened in New York should decide the amount of damages that should be condemned LimeWire.

The RIAA asked Initially due 75 000 billion (53 000 billion euros) in damages. "Develop and operate services to enjoy the flight of the biggest world music is expensive," said RIAA CEO Mitch Bainwol, quoted in the statement. "The settlement of this case is another step in the evolution of music in line to become a legitimate market that adequately compensates the creators," he added.

The LimeWire software, launched in August 2000, allowed users to exchange files through technology "peer to peer". It belongs to the New York-based Lime Group. In May 2010, a federal judge ruled in favor of thirteen companies against LimeWire, ruling that the company and its owner, Mark Gorton, had infringed the copyright and had engaged in unfair competition.

The plaintiffs had sought the immediate seizure of assets of LimeWire, saying the damage could reach "hundreds of millions or even billions." Subsequently, in October 2010, LimeWire was forced by the court to terminate his services, following another complaint filed in June 2010 by eight members of the National Association of Music Publishers (NMPA) including giants such as EMI Music Publishing, Universal Music and Warner / Chappell.

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