Monday, May 16, 2011

Watch your baby with Baby Smart

The gadgets of the future are already among us and this is a clear example. Today In Tech News Buzz in we present a device that will help you control your children much smaller, especially to babies. This is the new Smart Baby Monitor. This new device has been presented at the last CES show and it is nothing less than a handheld camera that allows you to monitor your children while you're ahead.

This wonder will save you many problems and give you peace of mind, is available only to configure with iPhone or mobile operating system Android. Besides the camera settings, this new device also set alerts that will allow you to warn you each time the child move, ideal for when you're sleeping and you want to know how is also continuing these alerts will tell environmental data such as temperature or humidity of the room.

Among other features, you can also send music from your phone, so the baby hears it and achieve harmony and relaxed sleep. A new technology wisely, for the tranquility of the breasts, congratulations!

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