Monday, May 16, 2011

Data leakage from the provider of Internet Piracy

Information collected by the company Trident Media Guard (TMG), the only company authorized to conduct Featured IP (Internet protocol) networks P2P download on behalf of beneficiaries, have been freely available on the One of the company's servers for several days. Revealed by computer security specialist Olivier Laurelli, the security hole allowing access to particular files from surveys conducted by TMG.

TMG is an essential link in the process known as "graduated response" developed by Internet Piracy. By connecting to networks P2P2, the company collects IP addresses of computers suspected of illegally downloading files, whether movies or music. Acting on behalf of beneficiaries, then it transmits its readings to the High Authority for the dissemination of works and the protection of rights on the Internet, which will then decide whether to send a warning to the owner of the line.

The first warning takes the form of an email, the second of a letter, and in case of third finding, Hadopi may decide to refer the case to the prosecution, opening a procedure that can lead to fines and suspension of access to the Internet. SUSPENSION OF INTERCONNECTION WITH HADOPI files contained information to make the connection between an IP address and a downloaded file.

Contacted by Numerama, Hadopi says take the matter "very seriously" and would hear Olivier Laurelli Wednesday to discuss the security flaw. According to him, no special skills or illegal action was necessary to access the data: the server on which they were stored just were not locked. Heavily criticized by opponents of the High Authority, but also by the national Commission and its freedom but granted permission for the collection of addresses, TMG should be the subject of a meeting of the Human Rights Commission of Internet Piracy on Wednesday on how the functioning of society would be audited by the High Authority.

In the meantime, the High Authority announced Monday it was suspending its interconnection services with TMG. Pending verification procedures, the High Authority will address the findings already sent by TMG.

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