Thursday, January 20, 2011

BlackBerry blocks "access to pornography in Indonesia

RIM, the maker of BlackBerry, has agreed to block access to "pornographic sites" in Indonesia from your mobile phone. So meet a requirement of the authorities of that country that had threatened the company with the partial suspension of its services. In a statement, RIM says it has begun "to install a filter Internet access that meets the requirements of our suministradopres in Indonesia." Indonesia, with 240 million inhabitants, is an important market for RIM as it has more than two million customers.

The authorities of that country were particularly pleased by the success of his ultimatum because, according to Minister of Telecommunications, "please God." The concept applied in blocking pornography reaches eroticism of cellophane. Playboy magazine, for example, yesterday was no longer accessible on smartphones of the brand in Indonesia and a notice informing them that the "site that attempts to open the network is inaccessible." This episode adds to the open conflict that has BlackBerry in other countries where the authorities, this time apparently for reasons of national security, we require that they provide access to content of telecommunications.

In India, a case, the company has several months of negotiations to meet the demand of the Government. Has already agreed to filter chats and proposed installing BlackBerry servers in quel country but the difficulty is now focused on access to encrypted messages can be forwarded BlackBerry customers.

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