Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The "unlimited" fixed-mobile trend

From 1 February, the majority of French telecom operators offer an option call "unlimited" fixed phones to mobiles. A few weeks after Free and SFR, Orange announced Tuesday, Jan. 25, he would include this option in a new formula for its "quadruple play" - fixed, mobile, Internet and television - a price increase of five dollars, including the impact of VAT.

Among the telcos and Internet service providers of the Hexagon, Free was the first to include calls to mobile phones in its "triple play" in mid-December; SFR quickly followed. For Orange, these unlimited calls take the form of an option to 3 euros in a "triple play" and will be included in a new version, more expensive, the "quadruple play".

END OF THE OFFER TO 30 EUROS Several new offers and telephony options have recently come to upset the threshold of 30 euros per month which was imposed last ten years as an industry standard for subscriptions "triple play". Beyond the increase in VAT wanted by the government, intensified competition in the sector has also forced the operators to launch in recent months of new "box" matching offers "premium" more expensive, to differentiate themselves and sustain their prices.

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