Wednesday, January 26, 2011

iPhone 5 new design would

Something must be done when the competition is good and threat. Is that nobody has won the reign, not even the iPhone. That is why Apple is planning to launch its new iPhone next summer, and could bring a striking new design. Is that the touch screen and the services offered are already commonplace in mobile and all companies must now be surprising since the design.

Information about the new iPhone model was released Porel New York Times, where it was reported that work with chip combined company created by Qualcomm. The fifth edition of the phone that revolutionized the communications not only innovate in design but will mark a new phase with respect to their ancestors, as Infineon ceases to be the creator of the chips (now is in charge of AT & T), which also means a change in the hardware.

The chips and the large amount of information that must reinvent themselves to enter this new stage, and that is why Apple chip include Near Field Communication (NFC), which give users a better and better reception of information between nearby devices. This is so far everything has been announced about the iPhone 5, the big news from Apple for this 2011.

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