Thursday, January 27, 2011

Nexus S, analysis (II)

After the video analysis of Nexus S and a first look at its features and first impressions about the turn of the operating system, multimedia aspect, range and overall performance of the Nexus S. The Google phone is his second attempt to convince users after an attempt last year with the Nexus One In this model HTC chose to fabricate it.

This year for the S Nexus has chosen Samsung, a company that has an impressive jump with his Galaxy S. The Nexus S is the Google model, except surprises, you should captain new mobile phones with Android. Within weeks, when done MWC 2011, benefits will have been exceeded by nearly all his rivals (in fact we saw at CES that stays in 2010), but nevertheless remains the master of the army called to fight Apple's iPhone.

Under his command are the other Android phones. His leadership will be determined by experience, since it is a pure terminal additions (no interface above the Android) and you will always the vanguard of the new Android. In fact we can consider almost a telephone available to all developers who want to buy books or operators.

As we move forward, the design of Google Nexus S is conservative and the improvements provided are not particularly media. Everything is focused on being the first phone to hit the market with Android 2.3, new version includes important internal improvements but barely visible on the outside, so runs the risk of falling into the temptation to ignore this aspect.

Android 2.3 or GingerBread includes support to enhance the game on Android phones, copying and pasting text, VoIP calls, support for NFC and a new keyboard that enhances the multi-touch. Also goes fine. Based on calls with a Nexus S are clearly not seen lately in the so-called smartphones, the team's overall performance has improved greatly.

The combination of GingerBread and the new processor will note, and the result is a high performance (55.6 fps in Neocore) that makes the phone with Android that provides better experience today. We'll see how we can confront the models with the same version of operating system but with powerful dual-core processors will be seen at Barcelona in a few days.

Sure you have a doubt that we will answer you swift: the increase in yield affects the battery life? Absolutely. The improvement in autonomy that occurs as a result of better optimization of Android and the screen SuperAmoled Plus is appreciable, and use email, web browsing, social networking and some calls (half hour a day) can almost reach Two days of autonomy.

Taking these data with caution as it will depend on the 3G coverage in your area, brightness and other parameters to measure complex. If you set an example, I'm using iPhone 4 and autonomy, with the same use, is almost at par. In the section on media playback and a camera there is not new.

With its bright screen video playback is a joy, and as the camera is 5 megapixel camera with flash and the usual options. No surprise then. Quality of the photos that makes the Nexus S can also be expected normally. It's a phone to take pictures with good quality when the conditions are ideal, keeping it from camera phones and large terminals testimonial photo.

Video recording yes that could be improved. If we were talking about a phone either, surely would tell you that this terminal we tested is the best overall market but that will be outdated in a few weeks. But of course, not talking about a phone either but that of Google. We could almost say that is unrivaled in the market because its strength is not the design or internal components (no significant progress when rivals come with dual core, better cameras, larger screens, HDMI ...) but be Google phone.

And that brings advantages and drawbacks. That does not mean much less than the S Nexus we are not going to be worth in three weeks. The Google Nexus S works very well and will continue, and with it in hand you know you'll be with a pure Android interface, first in the hardware upgrades and a long time to be valid.

Unless you're an impatient technology, but then I move you never achieve happiness. In Tech News Buzz | Nexus S.

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