Thursday, January 27, 2011

Second day of the blackout on communications in Egypt

Suez cut off from the world according to many testimonies published on the Internet, the city, which was the scene of violent clashes between police and protesters yesterday, no longer has access to the Internet or the telephone network. On Wednesday, Twitter and Facebook social networks were largely inaccessible throughout Egypt.

Twitter has confirmed that all its services were blocked on Wednesday, while Facebook claimed not to have noticed significant change in traffic from Egypt. According to many accounts, the two networks have been intermittently inaccessible since yesterday. Contrary to the Government of Tunisia Ben Ali, Egypt had never before practiced large-scale blocking of sites or services.

But the Egyptian authorities had the means to monitor the network and block them in case of emergency: In a country where a large portion of Internet users use Internet cafes or Wi-Fi prepaid, it is mandatory to provide email address valid to receive login credentials wireless operator Telecom Egypt national public controls the majority of subscribers to fixed telephony.

At Suez, the set of fixed lines have been cut, many witnesses reported. Mobile networks have also been blocked, but the network operator Vodafone seems to work intermittently, according to users.

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