Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Apple launches subscription service for digital content

The alliance between Apple and media giant News Corporation to launch the first digital publication for the iPad tablet marked the road two weeks ago, and now the Cupertino giant is launching its latest creation: the subscription service on its app store , which is modeled after The Daily. The reader can thus access the digital content of newspapers, magazines and other media who want to be in the App Store using weekly or annual payments, which almost automatically.

It is estimated that there are now some 9,000 news applications, most free. But this kind of kiosk Apple was born in the midst of an intense dispute with publishers, by the way income is distributed and the use of subscriber data. Steve Jobs's company takes 30% of the payments, the same proportion that apply to other applications.

Jobs insists that its subscription service is innovative and represents a "great opportunity for publishers" when income opportunities of electronic platforms such as the iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone. "Just a simple click to subscribe" rivets.

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