Friday, February 4, 2011

Defy death with "Ghost Trick

Becoming a ghost, "that is not trivial. Start a game by the vision of his own body, it is even less. But who is this man in red costume and hairdressing unlikely? How was he killed? And why? Trick Ghost (Nintendo DS), the new production of Shu Takumi, the father of the Phoenix Wright series, immerses you in an incredibly involved in the investigation suspense, where a ghost will go in search of its identity, while saving a string of characters in a often violent death.

BACK TIME TO SAVE LIVES The mechanics of the game based on the powers of the ghost, named Sissel, that you embody. The latter can steal objects that are within his reach, and use them. So, take possession of a desk lamp allows it to rotate, or to turn on the light. Our ghost can not move alone, "haunt" the objects in the room will be the only way to move into the background.

Other capacity Sissel: the possibility of time travel. These powers allow to carry out the essential activity of our ghost: to save the key figures of the plot of the Grim Reaper. Most often, the chapters of the game begins with the discovery of a corpse. Sissel then has the opportunity to review the last four minutes of the deceased's life, then go back in time to prevent this death in a timely manner and using the objects available.

It is thus necessary to find how to make a girl do not put your headphones, while his fate was that the volume of the music prevents him from hearing the arrival of his killer. Or how can a man suffered a heart attack to access the drugs located at the other end of the room ... TRY AGAIN Fortunately, the player has the possibility of time travel as often as necessary, the solution to each of these puzzles usually requires a lot of trial and error.

It will be tested again and again the different possible interactions with an object to see what they cause, and think about when to open the door of a closet or switch a candlestick. If you miss the boat, the victim's death is inevitable and you will go back again time to find a better solution.

These puzzles are a success. Here, no improbable combinations of objects or actions, everything is logical and makes good sense. The pleasure of discovering a new way ("If I wait until the officer passes at this point, I can take his club and go later in the set) and test hypotheses are that time is running at breakneck speed without you noticing.

SCENARIO ADDICTIVE Another strong point of the game, its excellent script and its gallery of colorful characters, beautifully animated. Construction chapters (18 in total, fifteen hours of gameplay) is close to the cutting of the best television series, with twists and turns and twists at the end of each "episode".

What further reinforce the addiction to the game until its conclusion brilliant and totally unexpected. Despite its small obscure arias Japanese game, and European cover not very engaging, Trick Ghost turns out to be the best game on Nintendo DS earlier this year. Gamers original, addictive and impressive control scenario, do not go your way especially.

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