Friday, February 4, 2011

Optimus Pad LG confirmed for the Mobile World Congress

It's official, the tablet will Honeycomb LG Mobile World Congress, is that however much we hope that there will be a thing until we have official confirmation, we could not count on it. The twin sister of T-Mobile G-Slate will be known as LG Optimus Pad in other markets, so there are two different tablets, but a version outside operators that is incorporated into the growing family Optimus.

Reviewing the specifications of G-Slate, which we think will be the same, we found a 8.9-inch screen with 1280 x 768 pixel resolution and ready to view 3D content through stereoscopic glasses. In some media are saying that the screen is directly ready for 3D display, but it is a confirmed fact.

In the process we have the ubiquitous Nvidia Tegra 2, the generous amount of 32GB of internal memory, and a new fact: the battery is of 6400 mAh. Have not forgotten to include USB ports and HDMI. A strength of the tablet will be their cameras, a front for video calls that know their characteristics, and a pair of rear units for 3D content, 5-megapixel dual flash accompanied dual.

T-Mobile G-Slate comes to America in March, so we understand that Optimus Pad is not very far from that date, hopefully before summer. At Mobile World Congress we will learn all these details. The pictures accompanying the news pertain to the version of the American carrier, but do not think there is much difference in regard to the issue beyond the typical branding, as it shares design cues with the Optimus 2X LG has maintained the same aspect in all world markets which are flourishing.

With Optimus Pad LG, the Korean company becomes the second manufacturer to make official a tablet Honeycomb after Motorola and Xoom. Vía | Android Community »Hankyung.

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