Friday, February 4, 2011

The Finnish-American couple and Windows Nokia Phone 7

Some time ago a rumor emerged, which takes more and more strength. Phone Nokia could bring Windows 7 to its terminals in a relatively short space of time. As we say, rumors have been worse as we approach the MWC 2011, the fair for excellence in relation to the world of mobility. Next Friday, February 11 has confirmed an event sponsored by Nokia, whose theme is still unclear, though many media have been derived from the words of Stephen Elop, CEO of Nokia, the Finnish company wants to open up to other operating systems .

Android Phone Windows 7 and OS are the most ballots are in the draw. Nokia has been one of the leading companies in the market for handset manufacturers, and in fact today is that more terminals sold around 30% market share (number of terminals, benefits is another story). However, in recent years we have seen how their phones are lagging behind, especially with the advent of advanced smartphones.

In recent months, Nokia has tried to combat them with a phone like the Nokia N8, supposedly pointer and very powerful but, as we concluded in our analysis, had a major flaw: the software. Particularly in the N8 debuted the new version of Nokia, Symbian ^ 3, but the results are pretty bad: it is a slow system, with few features and is light years ahead of the competition which brings in all its flavors.

iOS, Android, the recent Windows Phone 7 or even the classic Blackberry OS are far ahead of Symbian ^ 3. It is precisely this that Nokia are looking to fix as soon as possible open their terminals to other operating systems where especially the Microsoft Windows Phone 7 seems to be the one.

Phone on Windows 7 we have to say it's an excellent operating system. In Tech News Buzz've tested the HTC HD7 and it is a fast, stable and with a great future. Its base is very strong and if Microsoft does things right, can be an excellent competitor to the market. Nokia could again compete in all market segments, including both basic terminals (which currently dominates) as advanced cell phones, the latter its greatest weakness in recent years.

It is precisely in this last segment where they want to improve, starting with the operating system (we'll see if they put aside and adopt Symbian WP7 ^ 3 bulk) and, hopefully, evolve as well to today's modern hardware. For now, the Friday, February 11 there will be new news, and hopefully whatever we tell thee from the MWC in Barcelona, where of course we will.

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