Friday, February 4, 2011

Netbook Tablet: Dell's dual system

Notebook or Tablet? This matter may move these days, many people who want to buy a new mobile computer. Dell believes the answer to this question have found: The Inspiron Duo, a hybrid between a mini-notebook PC and touch screen. A winning combination? The idea is good: Instead of the consumer the choice con netbook or tablet provide, Dell offers both in one device.

In the ground state and a netbook, the Inspiron Duo sees is this: 10-inch display, comparatively wide keyboard, Intel Atom processor, Windows 7 operating system. It shows his true nature only when you poke the screen. The fact can rotate around its axis and place it on the keyboard, so that from what was just another netbook, the screen below is a Tablet PC.

Similar devices have been around in the form of so-called convertible laptop. However, where the screen was always vertical, and not, like the Duo, horizontal, rotation. Convertibles are also usually expensive professional tools that are used for example in hospitals for the processing of digital health records.

The duo, however Inspiron Dell tries to settle in the netbook field, which is not quite succeed. Even in the simplest version, one is asked with 578 € (including shipping) to the checkout. The equipment is offered for it but rather at the level of ordinary Netbooks 400 € class. The often have 2 GB of RAM, a 250GB hard drive and a dual-core Atom processor on board.

A touch screen but they have not. But the power eaters need not even in the Netbook mode. Finally, Dell has you covered with a good keyboard and a decent touchpad also a prolific writer. Which should however not all too far away from the nearest outlet. For comparison, the duo held, depending on traffic, between two and a half and just over three hours of on battery power.

Such values you normally used more by high-clocked gaming notebooks. For a device that is already due to its design for use on the road thought it was too little. Why is it that the Dell is so short of breath, can not clarify beyond doubt. One thing is certain: The touch screen is likely consuming at least a significant proportion of this consumption have.

As a travel companion, the Inspiron Duo is therefore suitable only limited. done his job as a mini-notebook, however it properly. Typical office work, such as writing text or spreadsheet can be done easily and without interruptions. And surfing the Web and e-mail logically cause any problems.

Even high-definition video, the duo off easily and smoothly, a task that many fail because of the netbooks and older in the high resolution of the screen (HD-Ready, 1366 x 768 pixels) pleasantly noticeable. It is then with the multimedia fun but also over. For an HDMI output for connection to a TV is not found on the device.

Similarly, an Ethernet network connection or a simple VGA port for external monitors. Instead, you have to make do with two USB ports and audio inputs and removal. The only bright spot - literally - is the power supply cable, which is illuminated. A real function, this plug light not. While other manufacturers by the color of light on the power supply connector signal whether the battery is fully charged or will be, signals the Dell lamp only one thing: "blue".

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