Friday, February 4, 2011

Markets support a partnership between Nokia and Microsoft

Nokia ups the last few days in the stock market driven by rumors of an alliance with Microsoft to use its operating system, Windows Phone. Proposed by an expert in the Financial Times in a letter to the two patterns of the company (Nokia, after the last change in leadership comes from Microsoft). There has been little evidence for this hypothetical alliance, but Anglo-Saxon sites have been launched to examine this possibility.

There are views for everyone, although most disagree on the benefits that Nokia might get to leave your own Windows operating system and embrace to improve their insignificant presence in the U.S. market. Nokia, with its own operating system, Symbian, has been losing market share. The New York Times recalled that a year has passed from 40% to 31%.

The traditional leader of mobile telephony has seen as Android and Apple have stolen an important part of the smart phone market, while more resistant Nokia mobile with fewer benefits. The Telegraph notes that despite the good reviews Windows Phone received following its presentation in October last year, Apple and Google are way ahead in the development and recruitment applications.

Clearly Informationweekdesaconseja alliance. Windows Phone argued that requires stringent hardware requirements and leaves little room for innovative designs other than their proposal. Nokia has always been known for its robust hardware and make their own bets. The penetration rate of mobile Windows does not justify migrate to this operating system.

One of Apple's successes has been to create its own ecosystem and this must be the commitment of Nokia. A bet that must not happen, nor by Microsoft or by Android. That's the operating system that prepares Nokia, Meego The letter of Ahmad to the two patterns of both companies said that Nokia would abandon development of its new operating system, Meego, because it is the biggest joke in the technology industry in this Nokia would put time and even farther from Google and Apple.

PCWorld gives another recipe. Since the Android operating system, open source allows us to offer differentiated development, Nokia has enough prestige and power as a brand to enter the Android world and not be overshadowed by competition using the same operating system. Ahmad's recipe, put together two patients does not seem the best alternative.

In a Forbes blog provides another argument. Adapt Windows Phone in Nokia could take precious time. On the other hand, Nokia can go faster by presenting their own solutions based on Meego.

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