Friday, February 4, 2011

The government regulates for the first time the online game

The Cabinet today approved the draft Gambling Act, which regulates for the first time all game modes that take place via the Internet or electronic means such as computer or mobile phone. The bill provides for a tax, for each type of activity for companies operating in this sector, which is charged on gross income of each company.

The tax rate will range between 5% on taxable income and 22% will be applied to sports betting each other (those in which a percentage of stakes winners is distributed). The initiative notes the changes that have occurred since 1977 the game was decriminalized in Spain, mainly due to the emergence of electronic communications and the use of gambling services via the Internet, and seeks to respond to the appearance of newcomers to the gaming market is not regulated by law.

Also affects the text on the need for new regulatory mechanisms that provide legal certainty for operators and consumers, and the need to protect minors and people-about 40,000 in Spain, who have voluntarily requested that are allowed to access the game to prevent problem gambling. The law reserves the exclusive domain of state lotteries Lotteries-state to be transformed into state and society to be privatized by 30% - and the Organization of the Blind from Spain (ONCE).

The Government has under the new rule that the National Gambling Commission will monitor the safety, reliability and transparency of all gaming operations, besides being the organ responsible for licensing. Also, the Sectoral Conference Game is the organ of cooperation, coordination and participation of the autonomous communities.

The text that the Council of Ministers has submitted to Congress provides that all tobacco advertising, sponsorship or endorsement of the companies providing these services must have prior authorization from the National Gaming Commission. Some of these companies have become popular in Spain thanks to advertising and sponsorship, especially football team first division.

These include names such as Bwin, Unibet, Betfair, Interapestas or 12bet, linked to clubs like Real Madrid, Valencia, Barcelona, Spanish or Seville. Economic sanctions under the Act range from 100,000 euros for minor infringements to 50 million for those considered "very serious", and offer games without a license for it or manipulate the technical systems that have been approved for the awards.

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