Monday, February 7, 2011

Anonymous attacks a company that claim to have found its leaders

Anonymous says it is a self-managed group and without leaders. A U.S. security company, however, says it has found its leaders. This announcement has led the attack against the company group. This weekend, Federal HBGary has altered its website and its president, Aaron Barr, had kidnapped his Twitter account.

Anonymous posted his phone number and social security. "You have what you sought," said the statement posted by Anonymous on the website of HBGary. "We will teach you a lesson you'll never forget: do not mess with Anonymous." The group says the aim of this action is to defend Yque controls all email accounts of the company.

Barr explained to The Financial Times that the group does not have a traditional hierarchy, but that the company had succeeded in infiltrating Anonymous and find out the names and addresses of several senior officials. However, he said, will not deliver this information to the authorities unless it is obliged.

The information will be unveiled this month in a press conference to be held in San Francisco. Anonymous is being investigated in several countries for attacks on Visa, PayPal and other companies that chose not to provide services to Wikileaks. As a result, several activists have been arrested Anonymous in the UK and the Netherlands.

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