Monday, February 7, 2011

Manufacturers' responses to the problems with Intel Sandy Bridge and contact details

The response of manufacturers to the problem of Intel chipsets has been quite rapid. Hardly a week has passed since the report this problem and already many have taken the first step to solve the problem to users. Today we will make a brief summary of some of the manufacturers have already announced how they will work to fix all the mess that has been prepared by Intel.

Find the list below are just some few of which we are aware of what to do. Which gives little information about Acer. They merely explain the problem and comment that are still working to provide customer service. We still have to wait and see what the replacement protocols. Contact: Phone 902 20 23 23 (9:30 to 13:45 and 15:00 to 18:45 hours).

MSI (motherboard manufacturer in addition to both desktop and laptop computers) has already confirmed that they provide two options: In addition provide a small list of products affected: 10 motherboards (chipsets P67 and H67) and 3 models of laptops. Contact: email Essandybridgereturn @ msi.

com Another major sector that is affected in 24 products (20 Boards, 2 desktops and 2 HTPC). Are fully responsible for the error and will replace the product with new or, if necessary, return the entire cost of the product. Contact: 88 902 96 88 (9 to 18 hours). Gigabyte, like others, also promises to replace the affected products as of April through the following protocol: you go to the store where you bought it and, if available, I will change as called B3 revision, a new version of the motherboard with the chipset in perfect condition.

If these moments are not stock the dealer will take note of the serial number and call you when you have one. It seems that Gigabyte motherboards only have affected anything about computers as such. They also offer a small program called Gigabyte 6 Series SATA check that, when run, will indicate what are the SATA ports you have connected.

Nothing we do not know by looking at directly to the motherboard. Contact: 91 628 44 91 or gigabyte @ enametech. com, GIGABYTE Authorized Service Partner. Zotac is a very small manufacturer of motherboards, and so their only model concerned is the H67-ITX WiFi. The information is very concise but fortunately intended to replace the affected products have it.

Contact: mail @ ZOTAC Eurotech. com or phone +44 (0) 1189 311 090 (English only). Dell offers one of the pages simple and intuitive for all manufacturers with direct and to the point. They have 4 computers affected (XPS desktop 8300, Vostro 460 desktop, Alienware Aurora Alienware M17x R3 R3 desktop and notebook), which have already recalled.

Like others, confirm that replaced the motherboard of the computer without any cost by the client (user), but will be starting in early April when they do, once you submit your new Intel chipsets. Contact: various types, including 902 100 130 (9:00 to 18:00 from Monday to Thursday, Friday until 17:00).

Mountain has also reported on its website about the design flaw of Intel. However, indicate that their products do not use SATA2 and are therefore exempt from any shortcomings. They do not provide a method of replacing the current equipment, but if necessary and if the customer wishes SATA3 will provide a controller through the PCI port.

Contact: phone 91 187 87 79 (8:00 to 20:00). PS: if you know of any other manufacturer who has taken action in the matter, leave it in the comments and we will add to the list. In Tech News Buzz | Intel gets into trouble: massive bug in their chipsets designed for the latest Intel Core.

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