Monday, February 7, 2011

SFR and Orange does not reflect the increase in VAT to their customers

SFR and Orange have announced they were canceling the rising price of mobile subscriptions scheduled for Feb. 1 for existing customers. Mobile subscriptions to access TV on the phone would indeed be increased by 2 to 9 euros from 2 euros for SFR and Orange, to take into account the end of VAT at 5.5% over the access to Internet TV.

"The contradictory information and rumors circulating since early January have generated considerable confusion among our customers," argues Frank Cadoret, managing director of SFR general public in a statement. Many customers have indeed expressed their surprise at receiving a letter announcing an increase in their subscription with the VAT hike, while their mobile or package does not provide access to television, at least in appearance.

TERMINATIONS FREE NOW IMPOSSIBLE In announcing the cancellation of the increase in subscriptions, Orange and SFR join strategy at Bouygues, who announced several weeks ago that he does not pass the VAT hike on the bill for its mobile customers, hoping to get disappointed customers from its competitors.

Another consequence of this change, it is now impossible for consumers to leave their mobile operator without charge, while such a contract amendment allowed customers to cancel their subscription free for four months, although they were still bound by a commitment period. Consumer groups such as the UFC-Que Choisir complained for several weeks the various operators' strategies to prevent their customers from leaving.

If mobile subscriptions of the three main operators do not change on 1 February, it is not the same for Internet subscriptions, which will increase an average of 2 euros for all providers.

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